Stress, this is what we usually feel when we get home with a lot of homework, sometimes our parents tell us they will only go through a period of time, but this is not how excessive stress could damage our health in the worst ways.


When you feel stressed, you feel that your whole body could explode in a single second, everything frustrates us, especially when you are a student, homework, projects and spouses are things that stress us. Stress is something that sometimes we can not contain, sometimes in the view of people, everything is fine, but everything that is inside that person could collapse.


I say it from experience, sometimes I can act as if everything was fine, but I know it is not so. With my words I can get to erect people.


Stress is a feeling of physical or emotional tension. It can come from any situation or thought that makes you feel frustrated, furious or nervous.


In small appointments, stress can be positive, in situations of danger or when facing a challenge, but when stress lasts a long time, it could damage our health.



The best learning experiences are those that are meaningful to the child.


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