¡Soy Ecoeficiente! is an educational program that seeks to encourage creativity and awaken an environmental, sustainable and  eco- efficient awareness in young students and teachers, contributing to the mitigation of climate  change. For this school year, high school students at ISSD participated in the contest, winning an honorable mention for their project, Ecoflow.

“Ecoflow is a project based on reducing the waste of water. It is important because aside from reducing our unnecessary consumption of water, we are also able to teach the school’s student and administrative body that water is an extremely important resource, which we shouldn’t simply waste  because of commodity. Our idea was to take the water that is thrown out when cleaning our swimming pool, filter it, store it in water tanks and then use it in the school’s toilets and to water plants on campus.

Our expectation is that upon learning about or project, Dominican society will understand just how important  using water wisely is, considering tha the world only has a small percentage of clean water. Above all, Ecoflow aims at being part of an ecological movement in the country, not only a school project. We also hope that other places with similar situations can use the idea behind our project to find a solution to their problems. Finally, we seek to create awareness and at the same time reduce considerably, economically and practically, the waste of water”.

An extract from the project presented to “Soy Ecoeficiente” and iniciative from Banco Popular Dominicano.


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