Here are a few pictures from our #TrashTagChallenge.

  • High school students say cheese before their Trash Tag Challenge!
  • ISSD student posts one of many eco-friendly messages
  • ISSD students work together to pick up as much garbage as they can
  • More eco-friendly messages posted throughout the community
  • ISSD high school students come together for the Trash Tag Challenge
  • ISSD students clean roadside in Cuesta Hermosa III
  • ISSD student works to gather as much trash as he can
  • ISSD students gather trash bags for their challenge
  • "Let's take care of our only home."
  • ISSD students continue to work together for the Trash Tag Challenge
  • ISSD students inspire a friendly neighbor to join the challenge
  • A challenge such as this is, is more easily done when the community members get involved
  • Heaps of trash? We are not discouraged!
  • ISSD students make sure to target tough areas
  • Teamwork makes the dream work... Zero trash!
  • A smile keeps this ISSD student motivated!
  • As the challenge came to an end, many of these were our reward!

The best learning experiences are those that are meaningful to the child.


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