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 Academic progress and prompt attendance are closely related. Our students arrive at 7:15 a.m. for the school assembly each morning, in which we all participate and share  current events before singing the national anthem.

The official School uniform consists of khaki pants, a white polo shirt with the school logo, black shoes and belt. For physical education days: the uniform changes to blue sports pants with white stripes and a white t-shirt with the school logo. Polo shirts and t-shirts are sold in the school's office.

The goal of our grading system is to encourage and reflect upon a student's progress. Students evaluate their own progress and help to determine their grades.

Reports are issued four (4) times during the school year at the end of each unit. Formal Student - Parent - Teacher conferences are scheduled for each Progress Report. Informal parent conferences can be scheduled at any time by either a parent or a teacher to discuss the child's progress at school.

In elementary school, a child's attitude toward homework is usually positive, and the occasional homework assignment makes a young child feel important. Assigned homework is the exception rather than the rule. However, reading to your child or setting aside time to look at books quietly, is a valuable daily experience.


In middle and high school, homework helps a student build healthy study habits and review concepts studied in the classroom.


At all levels, students are required to complete their assignments independently from their parents.

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    The best learning experiences are those that are meaningful to the child.


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